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Property Search

How to use the property search

There are thousands of properties in our database. To help you find the ones you want, read through our tips for searching.

After searching, be sure to book a viewing. You can book a viewing online 24-7!

Quick Property Search

Type in a town name or postcode into the search text box. Choose 'Sale' or 'Rent' and then hit 'Go' (or press your 'return' key). You can type in only one town or postcode into the search text box. This will take you to the Search Results Page showing you all of the sale or rent properties in your search area.

Property Search

How to use the Advanced Property Search

You can run an advanced property search from the Search Results Page, which is shown after running a Quick Search. Click 'Refine your search' to see the advanced search options.

For best results, choose your keywords wisely, keeping in mind...

Be specific and try the obvious or unusual first. If you're looking for a property with 'patio' write in 'patio' rather than just 'garden'. 

When searching for keywords that are two words use " " to link the words together. Eg "double garage" or "front garden".

You need to separate search terms with a comma, for example, "balcony, garage".

Property Search

Can't find the property you want?

If you haven't found the property you want, try increasing the search radius using the advanced search found by clicking "Refine your search".


Searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for "St Annes", "st annes", and "ST ANNES" will all return the same results.

Still Having trouble?

Click on the red 'Talk to Farrell Heyworth' box below and you can send a live query to our customer service team. If we aren't able to leave an immediate reply please leave your email address and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.