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Laura Gittins
24/04/2020 12:21
Virtual viewings and valuations are helping us to help sellers throughout this crisis
With lockdown measures in place, sellers are facing daily challenges when presentation their property to potential buyers. With some social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, buyers are finding it difficult to obtain an accurate valuation of their property and traditional marketing is no longer enough to reach potential buyers and provide them with compelling information about properties.

Speculation in the news has suggested that estate agents might be among the first high street premises allowed to open once the lockdown is ended or relaxed, but for now we, like many others up and down the country, are operating remotely to keep our clients and staff safe.

While much of life is on pause at the minute to support the fight against Covid-19, the property market is still operating – just in different, more innovative ways. And, in some senses, the lockdown is creating an environment – where most people are spending nearly all their time at home – that is likely to release a serious amount of pent-up demand once lockdown and social distancing measures start to be eased.

The time at home is giving people time to research, to re-evaluate, to consider taking more impulsive, bold decisions once life returns to something close to normal – and this could all be to the benefit of sellers.
One way in which the sales market is continuing to function is through the use of virtual viewings. In our last blog we outlined what virtual viewings are and how we’re bringing property viewings to our clients.

Here, we outline in greater detail how we are operating both virtual viewings and virtual valuations , and how the wonders of modern technology are still helping to keep buyer interest and demand high even at a time when face-to-face contact and physical viewings are off the menu.

Virtual valuations – get the right information about the value of your property

While respecting social distancing rules, our experienced sales staff are still on hand to offer remote virtual valuations to property owners thinking about selling a property.
We invite you, the owner, to create a video of your property (providing full instructions of what we need and how you need to do it) using your smartphone.
Our property experts then appraise the property on the basis of the video footage you provide alongside their unrivalled knowledge of the current market and local trends.
We can then provide you with a full appraisal report on your property, no different to what you would usually receive except in these circumstances there is no home visit.
From this point, we can advise you on how to prepare your property for the market effectively and the next steps you can take, all while respecting the government's official guidance on the property market.
Virtual viewings – presenting your property in its best light

To ensure buyers can still view prospective property at this time, we have invited our sellers to create videos of their properties using their smartphones (with full instructions given). Using this footage we are able to create two professionally edited videos.

The first is a taster video which we can display on Rightmove, and which is made up of an external view of the property which ends as we enter the property. At this point, to see the rest of it, the viewer is prompted to register with us as an applicant. Once that has happened, they will be given a link to our applicant portal which features the full video tour of the property. 

While a virtual tour can’t quite recreate the sights and sounds of an in-person one, it is the next best thing and gives would-be buyers a very good indication of whether the property is right for them or not.

It can also help to weed out those who are not genuinely interested in your property – as, if they don’t like what they see, they are unlikely to pursue their interest in the form of a physical viewing (when the guidelines allow for this) or putting down a deposit on the strength of the video tour alone.

Although many will want to see the property in person themselves before making an offer, this isn’t the case for all – and you could achieve a sale just from the video tour on its own.
Here at Farrell Heyworth, we are striving to offer our clients as normal a service as possible. If you are in the process of considering purchasing a new property we are still able to offer virtual mortgage appointments and virtual conveyancing services.

We are still open for business and working working hard to sell properties as we normally would. You can contact us for an online valuation, an online property tour, for more information on any property, or for information on mortgages.

We understand that selling homes remains important to our clients and have modified our opening hours to improve our service accordingly.

For obvious reasons, anyone interested in buying a property must contact their local branch and should not attempt to view a property in person. With the current guidelines on social distancing and staying at home, we are instead offering our virtual viewings and valuations to keep things moving until normal market activity resumes.

Please contact the phone number of one of our many branches across the North West and our knowledgeable branch team will be on hand to assist you.