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Selling property by auction has become increasingly popular in recent years, at Farrell Heyworth we’re able to offer our clients the very best of both worlds. If selling by private treaty (the legal name for the process of selling property via an Estate agent) hasn’t been the right option for you then maybe auction could help. And, just like selling via our traditional Estate Agency option, selling via auction is free to enter and No Sale, Ne Fee.

Why choose to sell at auction?

Selling at auction offers a range of benefits, most notably that once a property is sold in the auction room the sale is typically completed in 28 days.

What types of property are suitable for auction?

In the past we would have suggested auction was best suited to sellers in some financial distress or properties with significant defects. Auction is still a great option in those cases, but an increasing diverse range of properties are now considered suitable for auction.
The answer is, no matter what type of property you are looking to sell auction could be an option.
At Auction House North West we have successfully sold a huge variety of properties ranging from small residential properties guided at £30,000+ all the way up to very large commercial properties guided in the millions.

How does selling property at auction work?

Our auction specialist would visit a property and provide an accurate auction valuation, what we estimate buyers in the room will bid for the property. We then agree a reserve price with the seller – this is the minimum amount you will accept for your property on the day in the auction room, this information is private and not revealed to the bidding public. And, a guide price – the amount that we tell potential bidders that they are likely to pay for the property on the day.
We then market the property widely to potential buyers and invite them to auction. We typically hold 8 auctions per year and our current venue is the University of Bolton Stadium, Bolton.
On the day itself we typically offer anywhere between 80 and 100+ properties for sale to the general public and are proud to achieve a sale rate of 83% in the last 12 months* and raised £29,543,335 for our clients in that time.

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